Monday, March 19, 2012

Clip on earrings - 7 ways to wear them

I love clip on earrings, I have been collecting them for years.  What do I love about them?  Not to mention that vintage earrings can be to die for adorable, there are so many ways you wear them.  Clip on earrings aren't just for ears anymore boys and girls!  Here are a few ways I like to wear mine.
On a headband, or clipped in your hair.
Clipped to a scarf (another thing I have quite a collection of!)
Wear them as a necklace!
I love this, clip 3 earrings to a chain to make a one of a kind pendant.
Wear them on your tank this summer (Bonus: holds your bra straps in place!)
Wear them on your shoes!  I also like to clip them near the toe.
I know what you're thinking.  "How does she store all of these darling earrings?"  Well, here ya go.  I made this earring holder about a million years ago.  Now I have made 3 different kinds for earrings alone.  We won't even talk about all the other jewelry....

So, do you have any unique ways that you use clip on earrings??  I'd love to know!

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