Tuesday, March 13, 2012

For the Love of Etsy

I thought I would share some of my favorite things from Etsy.
I love this little plush bunny from Oh Honey Child.  All of her things are too cute!

I think I may need to buy this print from Peggy Wolf Design.  It's a steal, and it is strikingly beautiful.

This kills me.  I love it so so so much!  I am positive that none of my feline friends would tolerate this hat for a second though.  Everything in this shop is adorable, check it out CatAtelier.

Wouldn't this make the perfect wedding present?  Personalized salt and pepper shakers.  Send in photos, and this lovely artist will paint personalized pictures on your shakers of the couple of your liking.  Fantastic idea!  Take a look at Joy Nevada now!

I sort of love faux taxidermy.  I am not really a fan of real taxidermy (don't hate me if you love it).  This resin deer head would definitely be the conversation piece of any room, don't you think?   Banana Tree Studios.

One more.  I love the style that of this artist's gouache paintings.  Especially this one, I think it is so sweet.  This artist is in Madrid, which is something I absolutely love about Etsy, you can buy beautiful handmade things from around the world.  Blancucha.

That'll do for now.  Oh, and while you are at it, check out my Etsy shop too Sadie Wade & Co.!  Have a lovely day!
 Thanks beautiful! -Jenn

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